AR/VR/MR BusinessInnovative contents received attentions from the world

This is not the first time to challenge in Cellbig.
We realize various contents in advance, and seek interesting factor and originality in a view of reality.
Cellbig has cutting edged technologies and high-dimensional contents with combined augmented reality/virtual reality/merged reality. Therefore, more inventive and strong reality contents shall be realized through Cellbig.

Theme Park BusinessSpecial and fusion space

The Digital Theme Park is a mixed-content cultural space that can be enjoyed by both young and old. Cellbig will provide a merged reality digital theme park that goes beyond augmented reality and virtual reality by providing more vivid and realistic contents with cutting edged technology.

A to Z BusinessFill a space with Cellbig contents whatever you want

Cellbig retains technical skills in various fields, make possible to display contents to develop hardware, and provides a responsible customized business model from production to post management of creative platform based on knowhow and technical skills for 12 years.

Outsourcing BusinessCellbig technology, efficiently applicable in various fields

Achievements of Cellbig are very creative and diverse at the Multi-Position in the IT world.
Cellbig has performed in diverse fields such as Web development, Mobile S/W, Moblie Game, Mobile Augment Reality PC Game, Non-Game 3D, medical, sports, and public institution, etc.; therefore, we develop creative and innovative contents based on technology in any field.

Reality TechnologyRealize virtual with more actualities

Object Tracking, senses and cognizes through optical camera
3D Depth map, cognizes maps in real time through camera
Shape Recognition, cognizes and identifies object shapes through processed information by sensor
Real time 3D rendering, renders in real time through sensor and contents scenario and user’s input
For the realization of more ‘realistic virtual’, various technicians conduct R&D.

H/W TechnologyHardware, displays contents efficiently

Apple Mac Book and Mac OS
MS Surface and Windows
The common characteristic is one company developed both for the natural compatibility of hardware and software.
Cellbig retains various technical skills such as H/W interlocked tangible style game technology, Custom Controller technology, case design, and I/O board production, etc.

Multi-Flatform TechnologyCellbig technical skills presented in various platform

Cellbig has taken an active role in many positions and retained various platform technical skills such as smart TV, web/mobile game, social network type game, and SNS interlock & network play game technology.