SandCraft is stereognostic perception tangible style sensitive game, user changes topography presented real sand in a sand box by hands and topography changes in a game as Kinect cognizes topographical changes.

PC Windows / self- production 3D Sandbox platform

Stereognostic perception based virtual environment play study contents

? user changes topography presented real sand in a sand box by hands.
? stereognostic perception tangible style sensitive content – topography changes in a game as Kinect cognizes topographical changes

African Ecosystem
Content to experience the life of animals in Africa

The Flow of Water
Content to experience the flow of water due to geographical change

Volcanic Activity
Content to make own volcano and experience a lava flow

Constellation Search
Puzzle game to find constellation behind nebula

Fossil Find
Experimental game to find dinosaur fossil under the ground

Extinguish Forest Fire
Puzzle game to put out fire as using watercourse

Ant Colony
Defense game to protect ant’s foods from the enemy bug

Insect Collection
Casual action game to catch a specific insect by a touch screen

Tideland Experience
Experimental game to dig shelves in a sand

Dissolve colors
Tangible style content to make music with combining different colors

? exhibition hall, museum, kids cafe, consignment facility equipment sale
? solution, application science, exhibition mall, event for children, facility rental business utilization
? develop contents linked new business platform for company infrastructure
? expand GIS interlocked topography change simulation interface

Lotte World Under the Sea Kingdom

Incheon Bupyeong Geunsan Kindergarten

Pangyo Children’s Library

Busan Metropolitan City Children’s Hall

Goesan Nature Dream Park, Chungbuk

Ulsan Daeyangam Park?DaeWangByeol Ainuri

Ulsan Block School BeomSeojeom?Branch

Busan Gijang JOY & Friends??Jeong-Gwanjeom Branch

Jeonbuk Sunchang Children’s Library

Camp VR Changwon Masan Branch

Jeonnam Gwangju Science Museum

Goyang Star Field

Jeonnam Gwangju Preschool Education Promotion Agency

Dong-cheon Developmental School, Nowon-gu, Seoul

Jecheon Hanbang EXPO

Daegu National Science Museum

VR Plus Seoul Nowon Branch

Petit Mundong Chungnam Dangjin Branch

KT Jeonju Kids Racing Park

Jeju Aerospace Museum

Main contents of 2017 Character Festival of Gwacheon Seoul Land

VR Plus Busan Nampo Branch

VR Plus Gwangju Branch

Dongdaemun DDP

Icheon?Playz Children’s Science Museum

Jeju Island Papa World (Digital Kids Park)

Robot Square, Guju-eup, Jeju Island

Creative economy fair

2016 G-Star

Selected as excellent content by Korea Creative Content Agency

China Nanjing International Exhibition

Visiting Suning Group President / Visit to Nanjing Mayor

Seoul International Digital Festival

Shanghai License Exhibition


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? ‘system Ku’, USA sole agency contract, on-site education market distribution sale
? ‘Namco Bandai’ copyright in Japan, ongoing consultation
? ‘Namco Bandai’ copyright in Europe, ongoing consultation & test
? ongoing sole agency contract based Southeast Asia

1st place of ‘Youku’ children contents in China AVI site

Recommended product by Korea Trade Association