Elementary Strong Player

Elementary Strong Player is a tangible style run game based on running and physical training healthcare serious game.

PC Windows / Kinect for Windows

Run game in the street of China martial arts era background

– Kinect utilized user action cognition tangible style game
– Through total 7 games, intensify user’s exercise ability
– Provide management system as continuous trainings in a game
– Induce competition through rank sharing in SNS


Total 7 types of contents are prepared; 1 type of main game, 3 types of mini game, and 3 types of training game.
Contents provide exercise effects while playing easy games, such as growing muscular strength, agility, and endurance of arms and legs.

Main game
run in the street and gain gold while avoiding attack from a monster or repelling an attack a monster.

Kick the ball
? hit a target as hitting or kicking a flying ball.
? gain scores due to the timing and strength
? grow muscular strength and agility of arms and legs

Bear Fighting
? hit a bear with arms and legs due to the given mission.
? take a posture of defense when a bear attacks.
? grow muscular strength and agility of arms and legs

Block Break
? flick a ball with paddles in both hands to break blocks.
? enhance immersion through various event balls.
? grow agility, endurance, & balance sense

Smash Devil mask
? educational training game to improve muscular strength, agility, and endurance
? enhance judgment as well as physical agility
? grow muscular strength and balance sense of arms and legs

Avoid Goblin
? short shuttle run training game
? avoid Goblin with quick movements of left or right.
? Grow muscular strength and quickness of legs.

Bomb Drop
? typical fitness action, pushup game.
? For making up for the boredom of training, add interesting factor